Pharmacy Automation

Labor savings and error reduction drive our technology

Capsa’s pharmacy automation represents an impressive end-to-end range of technologies for inventory management (especially controlled doses), prescription filling, central filling and mail order pharmacy, institutional dispensing, and will call. For any pharmacy setting, we have you covered with our Kirby Lester, RoboPharma and NexsysADC lines that all provide labor savings, positive ROI, and error prevention.

Your Business Goals

What are your pharmacy’s priorities right now? Controlled medication security? Rx growth? Labor or error reduction? Profitability? Our consultants understand how to achieve your long-term goals with the right technology.

Your Medication Packaging

How do pharmacies dispense medications in your global region? In pre-packs (unit of use), or in patient vials (bulk tablets/capsules)? Capsa provides a full range of technologies to automate the dispensing.

Labor Savings

When technology is deployed in multiple places throughout the prescription management chain, pharmacies see significant benefits, especially during the busiest times of the week or when the team is short-staffed.

Trending: Central Filling/Mail Order

New! Capsa’s RoboPharma solutions for high volume, high speed dispensing can be customized for any pharmacy business in any global region where central filling is growing in prominence.

Redeploy Staff

With automation handling more steps, your staff is freed up to handle profit-generating, patient-centric activities. Your customers will notice the difference.

Avoid Medication Errors

To err is human, and to use Capsa’s technology is smart. Our systems prevent common errors before they can occur, like wrong drug, strength, or quantity.