Webinar: Control Costs Plus Enhance Care

Wednesday, October 18, 2023
1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific

Capsa Healthcare wants to challenge the status quo of how pharmacies and facilities alike manage medications once they leave the pharmacy and are in the facility. Capsa Healthcare’s expert on medication management, Jodie Vogt, and industry expert Dr. Miriam Cho from MAC Rx Pharmacy will cover these areas that institutional pharmacies and the facilities they serve should be concerned about. Vogt and Cho then will offer practical solutions that will help protect your profits, improve your staff’s job satisfaction, and help your residents.

Save Your Seat!

In this 30-minute webinar, we will discuss:
  1. Drug diversion, awareness, and prevention
  2. Adopting a “Track & Trace” system using data to know who accessed, what med was removed, for which resident
  3. Efficiently managing medications well before there’s a problem
  4. Courier costs and Stat dose costs, and the problems with the status quo “tackle box e-kit”
  5. Affordable automation and misconceptions about “too big, expensive, or complicated”

Your Hosts

Jodie Vogt

Jodie Vogt is Technology Services Manager for Capsa Healthcare, and has 30+ years of automation, nursing, and institutional pharmacy experience.  Jodie’s experience also includes extensive understanding in pharmacy automation training, implementation, product management, and workflow support. Jodie enjoys the challenge of finding the optimal workflows for each customer’s unique requirements, including helping to present to state pharmacy boards.

Miriam Cho

Miriam Cho, PharmD, with 15+ years of experience in retail and LTC pharmacy, joined MAC Rx in 2015. Under her leadership, the pharmacy tripled in size with her operational expertise and strong vendor-client relationships. Currently overseeing pharmacy operations across 3 locations, Miriam manages services for 200+ LTC communities. She’s a renowned LTC expert, speaking at conventions like Red Sail, MHA, and SoftWriters, and also mentors pharmacy students.

Mike Stotz

Mike Stotz is our webinar’s host. Stotz is Senior Marketing Manager for Capsa Healthcare, with 20+ years of healthcare marketing experience. He steers all marketing efforts for Capsa’s extended care business units. In addition to extended care, Stotz also manages the marketing of Capsa’s pharmacy automation technologies for central filling, retail, hospital outpatient, and institutional pharmacies.