Medication Management

Secure and trackable storage and access is our priority

Medications — whether they are controlled, high-value, or maintenance — require careful consideration at every step for security, tracked access, and accurate inventory. Capsa Healthcare is the industry expert with the most robust lineup of medication management solutions for almost any care environment like long-term care, assisted living, hospice, industrial pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesalers, and more. Our customers rely on Capsa’s know-how to outfit their staff with the most thoughtful workstations and cutting edge technology to safely store and administer medications to their patients.

Safe Med Delivery

Our workstations support simple to complex administration workflows and feature the highest security levels and automation.


Only Capsa gives you more than 60 years of industry expertise, design excellence, and stability.

Highly Configurable

Impressive array of step-saving accessories, multiple locking configurations, sizes to suit any resident population, accommodations for any medication delivery system.

Partial To Full Automation

Capsa’s medication management solutions are ever-evolving, with sophisticated automation to manage and safeguard any type of medication stock (a select number of unit doses up to thousands of bulk boxes and stock bottles). Explore our leading brands like NexsysADC, Kirby Lester, and RoboPharma for automating any step in your medication processing.

Breadth Of Solutions

Capsa covers every need, like 4 distinctive medication cart designs, 3 sizes of ADCs, and multiple solutions for inventory, narcotics management, and EMR/EHR management.