Wall Arms Computer Workstations

Wall Arm Workstations Maximize Patient Engagement

Maximize space and function with flexible wall mount solutions designed to facilitate clinical documentation and patient interaction in nearly any healthcare environment. Wall-mount workstations are constructed to provide effortless use with a flexible range of motion, large work surfaces and space-saving profiles when stowed.

Benefits of a Capsa Healthcare High-Quality Wall Arm for Monitors

Our wall arm solutions deliver many benefits for providers and patients alike, including:

  • Accessing electronic health records at the point of care for fast response and quick documentation updates.
  • Sharing critical data across the care team through a community workstation with simplified access to patient information.
  • Streamlining patient registration at the bedside to reduce duplicate data entry and promote higher accuracy.
  • Increasing patient engagement by sharing visual test results, diagnostics and other information during interactions.
  • Streamlining workflows like documentation, prescriptions or procedure orders for higher efficiency and fewer errors.

Our Wall-Mounted Workstation Solutions

We’ve engineered several specialized arm solutions for wall-mounted workstations. Each comes with our signature quality assurance from our ISO 9001:2015-certified manufacturing facilities.

V6™ Wall Station

The V6™ features an ergonomic design with dynamic adjustability and optional accessories to meet your needs. This arm is a space-saver flexible enough for seated or standing use and is ideal for hospitals and their varied departments, outpatient centers, clinics and other settings.

Fluid Wall Arm

Our fluid wall arms offer expanded room reach up to 62 inches and come in ULT and UHD styles. The ULT model supports up to 20 pounds, while the UHD option offers a higher load capacity of up to 35 pounds. Both arms are perfect for patient interaction and documentation in almost limitless clinical settings, like patient registration, order entry and supply gathering.

AX Series Wall Arm

The AX series wall arm is our streamlined solution for versatile use that features a compact footprint and high configurability to meet your facility’s demands. This design is adaptable for fixed wall mounting or use with a mobile cart. The AX Series is ideal for emergency departments, surgery centers, and patient rooms.

Tandem Wall Arm

Capsa Healthcare’s engineering team developed the tandem wall arm with dual pivots that promote dynamic rotational adjustability. This patented model includes task lights for greater visibility and an expansive work surface to manage or prepare medications and supplies. The tandem wall arm is an excellent choice for areas where carts may take floor space from other essential equipment, like operating rooms, emergency departments and intensive care units.

Slim Line Wall Arm

Our Slim Line wall arm is one of our most compact models yet offers a considerable work surface for managing supplies and medications. It neatly folds against the wall with minimal clearance required. These options deliver value in settings like surgical and emergency departments, outpatient treatment centers and operating rooms where space is at a premium.

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