Hospital Medication & Inventory Management

Our solutions help clinicians deliver a higher level of care.

Designed to be ergonomic, lightweight, and customizable, our mobile computing workstations, wall mount solutions and medical carts help hospitals enhance patient care, safety, and caregiver workflow.

Workflow Optimization

A range of platforms, from simple to full featured, support any facilities workflow requirement. Carts and workstations are designed for simple use with thoughtful tools built-in to improve workflow, save time, and support an efficient clinical process.

Patient & Caregiver Safety

Workstation solutions incorporate ergonomic features for caregiver comfort, are simple-to-clean for infection prevention, and offer secure storage for medication administration.

Medication Delivery

Workstations offer configurable storage to meet varying medication delivery requirements. Storage options support simple to complex medication administration workflows and the highest security requirements.

Asset Management

N-Sight™ Fleet Management, available with Trio™ and CareLink, helps facilities improve asset utilization, maximize fleet performance and value, and helps prevent issues before they impact clinical workflow.

Trusted Support

Capsa Healthcare products are engineered for long-lasting performance and reliable use in a 24/7 clinical environment. When technical support or service is needed, we have your back with a comprehensive service program focused on rapid resolution to keep your fleet operational and clinicians supported.

Hospital Solutions

Explore our broad portfolio of nursing workstations, mobile computing, and supplies management for your health center.

Deliver The Highest Level of Care, Without Financial Roadblocks

Our customers are wrestling with two unique factors: They require new equipment and technology to deliver excellent patient care. However, they need flexible and budget-friendly financing alternatives to large cash purchases, especially as they safeguard their internal reserves. Capsa’s financing arm, Capsa Healthcare Capital, provides customizable and competitive solutions tailor-made for healthcare settings in today’s challenging business environment.

Why Finance Your Capsa Healthcare Equipment?
  • Preserve capital for other strategic initiatives
  • Low, fixed monthly payments
  • Keep technology current–option for a planned refresh cycle
  • Accelerate ROI
  • Take advantage of historically low rates
  • No fee, 100% financing
  • Bundle hardware, software, and services into one monthly payment for convenience