Capsa Healthcare Has Acquired MASS Medical Storage

Capsa Healthcare is pleased to announce that the company acquired MASS Medical Storage. MASS Medical is a prominent manufacturer of high-quality medical storage and endoscope cabinet drying systems that streamline workflow and improve procedure safety in the GI Labs, Operating Rooms, Hybrid ORs, Cath, Emergency, Ortho, and other related procedure areas.

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Monitor and Tablet Carts

Monitor and Tablet Carts are essential tools for today’s healthcare facilities. These carts improve patients quality of care by providing a convenient and effective mobile solution for caregivers to access and manage medical records, monitor patient vitals, and communicate with colleagues on the go.

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Trio Computing Workstations

Trio Workstations are designed for simple use with thoughtful tools built-in to improve workflow, save time, and support an efficient clinical process. Choose from full-featured to non-powered workstations, configurable just the way you need it.

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Avalo Medical Cart Convenient Packages

Avalo Medical Carts are offered in convenient packages to meet a range of simple to more complex workflow and storage requirements. In two easy steps, you can choose a cart and an accessory package that best fits your workflow needs.

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