Medical Equipment & Supply Cabinets

Every healthcare facility requires medical storage cabinets to house and secure supplies and equipment. Capsa Healthcare is a trusted source of medical equipment storage solutions, drawing from over 60 years of industry expertise and innovation.

Benefits of Our Medical Supply Cabinets

Medical supply cabinets from Capsa Healthcare provide many advantages, including:

  • Point-of-care convenience: Keep essentials within reach. Providers have what they need to deliver care when and where patients need it, which helps support better clinical outcomes.
  • Asset protection: Restrict access to contents. Our lockable doors reduce the potential for supply and equipment loss, theft or damage.
  • Application-specific design: Enjoy innovative solutions that maximize value. Our designs leverage over six decades of expertise and understanding of the modern healthcare environment.
  • Improved organization: Keep necessities easy to locate and track. These storage solutions enable fast retrieval and better inventory management, increasing efficiency.

About Our Healthcare Cabinets

Capsa Healthcare proudly engineers different cabinet styles to suit assorted applications.

FLX Storage Solutions

FLX is our fundamental storage cabinet built to withstand the demands of high-traffic medical facilities, like surgical centers, emergency and intensive care departments and operating rooms. Choose from pre-configured designs or customize them for unique storage solutions. These are available with locking security, various interior components and toe-kicks for permanent mounting or casters for portability.

MAX Storage Cabinets

MAX is our answer to high-capacity storage with ultimate organization, flexibility and security. It’s wider than our FLX models and comes in several customizable or pre-designed styles. Easily view interior contents through the outer glass doors, and add organizational components to meet your facility’s needs. Keyed or keyless locking systems enhance asset protection, and casters make the unit maneuverable to travel between treatment rooms or departments. Multiple size options easily adapt to your layout, and interior components are repositionable to keep pace with changing needs.

These traits make MAX an ideal choice for hospitals, pharmacies, labs and other settings.

TruAir™ Scope Systems

We’ve specially developed the TruAir™ scope storage system as the solution for sterile and secure endoscope storage. These cabinets feature built-in TruHEPA filters that help maintain constant positive air pressure. TruAir can securely house up to 18 endoscopes, making it excellent for endoscopy suites, operating rooms, surgery centers and hospitals. Add access controls for enhanced security or an optional pass-through for extra convenience.

Partner With Capsa Healthcare for Medical Supply and Storage Cabinets

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