Education and Simulation Medication Management and Supplies

Solutions For Training New Student Nurses, and Outfitting School Nurses

Capsa serves several educational markets with our broad product lineup; notably nursing simulation labs to educate the next generation of nursing students, and school health offices where school nurses use Capsa products to manage their students’ onsite medication doses and general treatment supplies.  Explore Capsa’s workstations for secure medication and supplies management, from practice to professional.

Nursing Solutions

Nursing Simulation Labs

Preparing nursing students for real-world clinical environments requires user-friendly, approachable tools for hands-on learning. Capsa provides many solutions for mimicking the proper management of supplies, medications, and patient data in realistic hospital settings such as emergency rooms, operating theaters, critical care units, labor and delivery rooms, medical-surgical floors, and patient exam rooms.


School Health Offices

From grade schools and upward, school nurses are challenged with safeguarding students’ medication doses, medical records, and supplies, often in a very small space. Capsa has easy-to-use workstations that cover all the bases.

Safeguard Medications

The NexsysADC suite is true “track and trace” technology for controlling the inventory of and access to controlled and expensive medications, for both training labs and for on-premises medication safekeeping. NexsysADC is a practically sized and priced automated dispensing cabinet (ADC) that is straightforward and logical for nursing students and pharmacy students to learn the latest procedures for gathering medication doses for patients. NexsysADC also is easy to manage for simulation lab instructors to replicate medication runs for any class size.

Medical Supplies Organization

Capsa’s procedural carts provide secure storage and logical organization of medical supplies (e.g., crash cart demonstrations, anesthesia instruction, surgical supplies sanitation). Available in a wide range of styles to realistically outfit any clinical lab setting, any school’s budget, and any level of student learning levels.

Medical Records Documentation

Our computing workstations make computer use comfortable and convenient in any setting: In the simulation lab, student nurses learn how EMR is mobilized to the patient bedside; In the school health office, our documentation carts and wall mounted workstations help the school nurse with close patient interaction.

Breadth Of Solutions

Capsa’s proven workstations cover so many bases for educational settings, whether new nurses are being trained in clinical sim labs on the latest technology, or in school health offices to help nurses deliver excellent care.

Simulation Lab & School Nursing Solutions

Explore our broad portfolio of medication and supplies management for education settings.