Capsa Has Acquired MASS Medical Storage

Capsa Healthcare is pleased to announce that the company acquired MASS Medical Storage. MASS Medical is a prominent manufacturer of high-quality medical storage and endoscope cabinet drying systems that streamline workflow and improve procedure safety in the GI Labs, Operating Rooms, Hybrid ORs, Cath, Emergency, Ortho, and other related procedure areas. The acquisition strengthens Capsa Healthcare’s global position as a premier provider of innovative and efficient workflow solutions for hospitals, clinics, and surgery centers.

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Endoscopy and Scope Drying

MASS Medical Storage protects, stores and dries endoscopes. Design your GI Lab with a wide range of solutions to store, transport, and dry your endoscopy equipment. Storage systems satisfy the Joint Commission standards set by Infection Control and manufacturer requirements for storage and are the most highly compliant in the industry.

Designed for:

  • Colonoscopes
  • Upper GI Scopes
  • EUS Scopes
  • Enteroscopy Scopes
  • Other Specialty Endoscopes
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Storage Cabinets

MASS Medical’s storage cabinets are designed to meet your supply needs for a range of procedures. Storage solutions streamline workflow and improve procedure safety in operating rooms, hybrids OR’s, cath labs, emergency, ortho and other related procedure areas.

Designed for:

  • Standard Wall & Counter Storage
  • Metal Exchange Wall Storage
  • Custom Cabinets and Casework
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Medical Carts

In any hospital, in any department, MASS produces a medical storage solution to fit your procedural need. Flexible, durable designs built to support transport, exchange processes and procedures. Scope transport carts protect valuable scopes and prevent cross-contamination during transport to storage, procedures, or decontamination.

Designed for:

  • Lucent™ HDMS
  • Exchange
  • Modular Procedure
  • Scope Transport
  • Specialty Carts
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